Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

The Easiest Way for Making Raised Panel Cabinet Doors


Some people think that making raised panel cabinet doors will take a long long time. Actually, the reality is not. It is only because they think that they must do so many things for making raised panel cabinet doors, but the case is they must know what kinds of steps to make it in order that they know something that they must do first and latter. If you include people who think the same way, then it will be better for you to read this article till the end.

Make Raised Panel Cabinet Doors Works

Raised panel doorsMany style of cabinet doors you can find that can be customized, just like Custom kitchen islands styles are available in many beautiful products. However, in order to make raised panel cabinet doors can work very well at your home, then you must know the first step for making it. Raised panel cabinet doors are categorized as a frame and panel construction to prevent the cause the moisture on solid wood that is used in furniture making. The size of panel is smaller than the actual dimension in which the indentation frame will assist and support the in the groove. It is done without being attached to the edge.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors – The first steps

In making raised panel cabinet doors, some professional will keep the stable shape and size of the edge. Of course, it is because in order that the form of the cabinet will still in a basic form. Hence, if you think that you cannot do it, then it will be better for you to let it to the professional. However, if you think that you can do it by yourself, then you can follow these instructions. The first thing that you must do is by providing a special time for making it. It means that in order that you can do and finish it in one time. It is because if you do some parts for now and other parts for latter, then probably you will be lazy to do it.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors – The Next Steps

After you decide that you will do it by yourself, then you can prepare the tools like grinder and the rockler rail coping jig. Firstly, you can grind the parts of a flat, square, and sturdy edge. You can do so many ways to complete it, but it will be better for you to choose the easiest way for you.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors -Do the Easiest Way for Grinding Parts Of Wood

raised panel cabinet doorsAfter grind the part of woods, then you can use the cope and stick method for edge and panel cabinet doors to make raised panel cabinet doors. The cope and stick method will work very well for bigger projects such as constructing a set of kitchen cabinet doors. Finish all of the bigger projects first in order that you can focus on the smaller ones then.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors – Cope and Stick Method

After the edge is held together by a combined between the frame of the vertical parts of the frame and the ends of the horizontal parts of the frame, then you may do sticking. The sticking is like cutting in the end of horizontal parts of the frame that is usually called as rails. Then, stick two things: the panel groove and the decorative profile on the interior edge. In order to stick both of them, then you can use glue and fasten together.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors – Gluing and Fastening

In order that those two things can match very well, then you must give glue and fasten it. Don’t forget to choose the best glue in order that it can be combined in a long time. After that, use the rail coping jig to make a square cut and in possessing the rail flat during the cut. Then, you can organize it like kitchen island style.