Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Light and Dark Kitchen Cabinets


If you are given a choice between light and dark kitchen cabinets, then which one will you choose? Actually, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages so that each of them has its own fans. Besides that, people who choose light or dark color can be known about their characteristic. Is it true? Let us find it out by reading this article till the end.

The Light vs. Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Dark Kitchen CabinetsActually people who choose the light rather than dark kitchen cabinets include people who love cleanness and light area. Even some of them include opened people.They are interesting to talk and friendly.The light colors that are usually used for their kitchen cabinets are white, light brown and light yellow. However, there are some light colors that are used rarely like light blue, light green, pink, and some other light colors. The light colors applied include kitchen cabinets, craft cabinets, and a dining table (if any).

The Advantages of Light vs. Dark Kitchen Cabinets

As you know, light kitchen cabinets are liked because it can make the kitchen can be brighter in the afternoon rather than dark kitchen cabinets. It is because the light kitchen cabinet is reflected the sun light. Even in the night, if you only set up a low lighting from the lamp in your kitchen, then you do not have to worry about it. It is because the low lighting of the lamp will be also reflected by the light kitchen cabinet. Usually, the wall of the cabinet is light too, so that you can enjoy in the kitchen though it is in the night.

The Disadvantages of Light Kitchen Cabinets

If you choose light kitchen cabinets, then you must be clean all day long. It is because if there is stain, grease, or other things that make the kitchen cabinets dirty, then it will be shown up. Actually, it is good for you in order that you realize there is dirty thing on the kitchen cabinets, so that you can clean it up until it clean again. However, if you include people who are lazy to clean the kitchen cabinets, then it will be a big deal for you. Therefore, there is another option to choose dark kitchen cabinets.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Kitchen CabinetsSome of dark kitchen cabinets can make the lighting become clearer. It means that it is not too light and not too dark. People who choose dark colors for being their kitchen cabinets are usually a closed person. However, this person really cares about people around him or her without showing his or her respect to them. It is like this person is a kind of ‘talk less do more’ person. Many beautiful designs of products in the market, and so products from kitchen craft cabinets.

The Advantages of Dark Kitchen Cabinets

As light kitchen cabinets, dark kitchen cabinets have advantages too. First, it can make your kitchen has an elegant style. It means that by the combination of lighting and dark kitchen cabinets, and then you can see an elegant image in it. Second, if you do not include people who always clean your kitchen cabinets after using, then you do not have to worry about that. It is because the dirty things will not be shown up.

The Disadvantages of Dark Kitchen Cabinets

As it has been mentioned before that if there are dirty things, then the dirty things like grease, stain, and many more will not be shown up because of the dark colors. However, if you are too lazy to clean it up, then you will not realize that there is dirty thing on the kitchen cabinet. After that, probably, it will be difficult to clean anymore. The dark colors that are usually used for kitchen cabinets are black and dark brow.